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Read Gary Taubes Why We Get Fat...
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I think the thing that stuck with me from the book was the concept that we don't get fat because we're eating more, but we eat more because we're getting fat. Since low-carbing from about a year ago, I don't have the cravings I used to. When I DO feel like I want to eat a lot, I stop and think about that concept, and what I've been eating lately as a possible reason. I'm a beer lover, but I don't miss the succulent IPA ales I used to drink either, even though I still indulge in one on occasion. The before and after shots, if they post, show me at about 280 lbs before low-carbing and about 225 after, which is where I kind of plateaued. I still want to drop 30 more, though.

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I think that LC works great to get the process of losing weight going, but too many also report "the stall."

LC switched off the fat storage long enough to reverse the weight gain.

Why the stall then? Why doesn't doing more LC or squeezing out carbs even more work?

LC is not a complete process. Like calories, it's just "what goes in."

No complex machine works very well if all you have is a single "what goes in" input and nothing else.

I went through this too and have been working past the plateau point by doing more full-on Paleo and taking advantage of the fat-burning and ability to skip meals when I want to give the body a chance to work things out inside.

In other words, you do low carb to repair your fat burning process inside. The rest is still up to you. To get past a stall once you have some success on low carb, you are ready to follow eat less=lose more because this is when it actually works.

If a sugar burner tries the eat less=lose more thing up front, we know what happens. The body responds by storing more fat.

Instead of just "what goes in"....It's "what goes in and when it goes in over time" based on a strategy that takes how the body really work into account.
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