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Atkins '72
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(NOTE: This description was posted on Jimmy's other forum and I simply copied it onto this one. I am not the person who wrote this. - LindaSue)

ATKINS 72 Induction Plan

The first two weeks according to the 72 book, but can be longer if you have a significant amount of weight to lose. *max recommended is 6 months.

NOTE* This is from the book, Bantam edition / September 1972 paperback...

Not sixty grams of carbohydrate on this diet but zero grams

Here's how this diet is significantly different. During the first week on this diet, you cut your intake of carbohydrates down to what is biologically zero.

This creates a unique chemical situation in the body, the one favorable to the fastest possible burning of your body's stored fat. Ketones are excreted, and hunger

You see, the first fuel your body burns for energy comes from the carbohydrates you eat and drink. If any carbohydrate is available, your body burns this rather than stored fat-and maintains its old metabolic pathways. But carbohydrates, as such, are not stored in the body beyond forty-eight hours.

So when no carbohydrate is taken in, your body must draw upon the major reserve source of fuel-the stored fat.

It is forced to take a different metabolic pathway. In this process your body converts from being a carbohydrate-burning engine.

This is The Diet Revolution: the new chemical situation in which ketones are being thrown off-and so are those unwanted pounds, all without hunger.

A gradual addition of carbohydrate to keep your body burning it's fat as fuel. We must maintain this chemical situation if you're to continue to lose without hunger. And if we add carbohydrate very gradually in tiny amounts-we can do just this, keep your body converted into a fat-burning engine.

So that is just what we do. The second week you might add a few grams of carbohydrate to your diet. Every week thereafter a little more carbohydrate (around five grams) may be returned to the diet.

The Rules of Original Atkins

The Diet Revolution Rules (Level One)
1. Don't count calories
2. Eat as much of the allowed foods as you need to avoid hunger.
3. Don't eat when you are not hungry.
4. Don't feel you must finish everything on your plate just because it is there.
5. Drink as much water or calorie free beverages as thirst requires. Don't restrict fluids
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