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Jimmy's Interview With Dr. Robert Lustig
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Post: #1 Jimmy's Interview With Dr. Robert Lustig , 01-11-2011 10:59 PM



Boy Jimmy, another one into the cheap seats. Dr. Lustig flat has it going on with sugar metabolism, especially fructose metabolism. Simply for discussion purposes...... I think Lustig blankets sugar metabolism over a few things where it doesn't answer all the questions. Fructose ingestion causes insulin and leptin resistance. This resistance raises blood glucose and defeats mitochondrial cell metabolism.

Lustig endorses eating "whole grain" ......meaning WHOLE grains of unnamed type. Many grains and other "carb" foods contain harmful proteins. Lustig leaves out the effects of these lectins on things like pancreas insulin release and insulin resistance. In fact Lustig uses a "hand waving" argument to cover this important issue: "Everyone is different". I would like to see Dr. Lustig incorporate the immune lectin effects on digestion and metabolism demonstrated by Krispin Sullivan, Sayer Ji and Dr Alessio Fasano

I appreciated Lustig's pathway science concerning nutrient absorption and transport in the ilium and his leptin pathway science in the hypothalamus. It makes me tingle to hear a doc and researcher talk about the specifics of transduction from enzyme to nerve impulse and back again.
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