MUSCLE BUILDING FOR OVER 70S , 06-26-2013 07:56 PM

Advanced Low-Carber


My husband and I are 77 and 75 years old. We have been pretty much wheat free for more than 15 months and continue to lose weight. I still want to lose at least 17 kg/35 lbs while John is very close to his target weight and is not in weight loss eating mode. One of my goals is to maintain nutritional ketosis for weight loss. Jimmy Moore inspires me.

We are aware that we need to be fitter than we currently are if we want to enjoy the remaining 20 -30 years Building muscle is important to our future health.

Going to a gym is a pain as we do not live in town.

I came across this book in a search, Tom Venuto & Jon Benson’s "Fit Over 40"

Is it really good and worth buying?

How does it compare with Fred Hahn's book "The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution?"

Which book do you think is most suitable for our age group?

Opinions Please.


Margie Anne