Les MIlls BodyCombat or BodyPump anyone?
Les MIlls BodyCombat or BodyPump anyone? , 08-03-2010 04:42 PM

Junior Low-Carber

After a few years of struggling with my weight I became a member of a gym in 2007. First I started out walking on a treadmill, a bit of biking and using the elliptical. After some weight-loss (25lbs) and 6 months after my start at the gym I attended BodyPump. Bodypump is a choreographed weight exercise done on music in a group setting. To see for yourself search for bodypump 74 on Youtube. The whole exercise is one hour and consist of 10 tracks. Every core part of your body will get a turn and you for sure will feel it but trust me it gets better every time. That was really really hard but after the first 4 times I started to like it and currently I still do Bodypump 3 times a week.

The importance of weight training for your health is tremendous let alone the impact for weight loss. There are however not a lot of male participants. I do not know why, maybe they like to just fool around with the big iron to gain bragging rights, I never had the urge to do that.

It took me a year to shed 50 pounds. Last year I added BodyCombat the best cardio I can think off. BodyCombat is a shadowboxing and kicking sort of a self defense choreographed workout. Also 10 tracks. Again a lot ot women doing this, In our gym there are only two men who are doing this workout. on youtube for BodyCombat 44.
If it looks to aggressive for you then choose BodyAttack (the word attack is badly chosen but it means attack your own body with cardio)

I became a BodyPump instructor but did not start to teach it, my music timing is terrible so I let that go very quick. If you want to know more of the programs from Les Mills look here; http://lesmills.com If you like dancing look for BodyJam... My current gym has every Les Mills program and people all ages and all weights are doing this, and you can start in the back of the room if you want.

I could go on and on about this but let you look for yourself. I'm open for any questions just respond here or send me a pm.

Currently I do 3 times a week BodyPump, 2 times a week BodyCombat and in between I run on the treadmill.

(Although I'm still a official Les Mills instructor I do not gain anything out of this message, I'm just saying that this is a worldclass workout!)

Benefits doing this;

* Burn loads of calories
* Tone and shape your body
* Raise your overall fitness and stamina for high energy sports
* Improve your coordination and agility
* Develop strength through core conditioning work
* Enhance your bone health and density
* Increase your heart and lung capacity through a full-body cardio workout

Last remark: If you feel you are to old to do this, think again..... I'm 60!