Sugar Testing of Foods
Sugar Testing of Foods , 03-26-2012 01:59 PM

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Sugar Testing of Foods
Quote:LC-Foods is excited to offer supplies, free information and free testing procedures for conducting an N=1 blood sugar response to foods test. We consider ourselves an accountable foods manufacturer. We are proud that our foods are without sugar, corn syrup, soy and high net carbs. Our mission is to help type-2 diabetics keep their blood sugar stable, help type-1 diabetics avert blood sugar spikes, help people struggling in weight management with a carb restricted diet and help people on a gluten /wheat restricted diet. We are very excited about helping you in your efforts to be healthier, manage your diabetes, or your carb, gluten or wheat restricted diets.
I don't know what they charge for shipping but these prices look very cheap from this side of the pond.
Blood Glucose Test Stips 50 Pack $14.11
Blood Glucose Meter Kit $3.99
Lancets 100 count $0.99
RE: Sugar Testing of Foods , 03-26-2012 03:09 PM

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Wow, those are good prices! Too bad I just bought 100 more test strips for my Bayer Contour...otherwise I'd consider switching. Even at Costco, 100 test strips are about $100.

Maybe next time I need more strips, I'll see what the reviews on that monitor are...overall those are very good prices.
RE: Sugar Testing of Foods , 05-09-2012 12:01 AM

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I’ve been conducting my own, simplified N=1 studies on different flours, including products by Low Carb Foods and CarbQuik. It would be gross to just eat flour, so I bake ¼ cup of flour into a flan base of Hood Calorie Countdown milk, EggBeaters, no sugar vanilla, Truvia, and baking powder. The flan base has no effect my blood sugar. I take my fasting blood sugar first thing in the morning, eat 1 ramekin of the flan + flour to be tested, and test again after ½ hour and again 1 hour after eating. My highest blood sugar readings seems to peak at around 30 minutes to 1 hour (and so does Jimmy Moore’s) and I don’t want to prick my finger 10 times every morning. Anyway, my results show that LC Food have less of a blood sugar response than CarbQuik and Carbolose flour. LC Food pan flour and cake flour are the winners. CarbQuik, carblose flour and inulin are the losers. I used to eat CarbQuik every morning in my cranberry scones. Now I have to reformulate my recipe to substitute LC Food flour for the CarbQuik. If you want to see a graph of my results, see the attached PowerPoint slide. If you think I’m freakin’ crazy, please disregard this message.