Glocosolve or Berberine Supplement
Glocosolve or Berberine Supplement , 02-10-2013 12:00 AM

Advanced Low-Carber

Has anyone else used/tried Glycosolve and has it helped with your BG control and/or lipids?
How long do you have to take it to notice an effect on your BG and at what dose, just the 1 capsule serving per day?
When do you take?
And did you notice any side effects?
On another forum someone mentioned a study which sited "Berberine is taken to relieve diareha". But don't know @ what dose and/or if it's a transient thing. Metformin also has this affect as well as others.

Here is a link to the study that was referenced, but I can only access the abstract. And I didn't see any reference about diareha. Berberine lowers blood glucose in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients through increasing insulin receptor expression


PS. geeze I just went to Glycosolve and they reference that very same study.
Some of the above questions were also addressed, but I'm interested in real life experience for VLC diet.
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I take Glycosolve and it took a full month for it to kick in for me when I first started. After taking a couple of months off from it and watching my fasting BG go back up again, I went back on with a more aggressive dose taking two in the morning, one midday and two at night. My blood sugar normalized within a week. Now I take one in the morning and one at night to keep upper 70s/lower 80s pretty much all the time. I haven't seen any negative side effects from taking it. If you have any other questions about this product, I know the physician who makes it and would be happy to pass along any specific questions or concerns you may have. I LOVE GLYCOSOLVE!

Jimmy Moore, "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Discussion" forum owner
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RE: Glocosolve or Berberine Supplement , 02-10-2013 04:51 PM

Advanced Low-Carber

Thanks, Jimmy!

I think I may give it a try.
3 years ago I was dx'd with borderline pre-diabetes, mostly due to my FBGs 95-105 wth an A1c=5.7; GTT was fine. That is when I decided to go counter to my docs "heart healthy" low fat, whole grain and naturally high carb diet. I dropped 80 lbs amazingly easier and quicker( 9 months), than I had ever imagined I could have. And I was able to get off BP meds. And I just quit statins, as I was having negative sides from them and just said NO. My cholesterol numbers surprisingly didn't sky rocket, weren't ideal, but acceptable at least to me. I now have plenty of energy(no ups and downs), am never hunger and enjoy life. Although my FBG's have improved mostly now 85-95(A1c=5.4), I would prefer they be 75-85 and hope GLYCOSOLVE will help me attain that.

It is also suppose to help with cholesterol and I could also use any help with my lipids. Fortunately, altho high, are mostly or all pattern A, but my lp(a) is much higher than I'd like and not sure why. So I am looking forward to your new book on cholesterol. My calcium score is not zero, but was 56 back in 2008 before I went LC. More recent CIMT's have revealed stable to improved wall thickness. I am having another this week, so am hoping that trend continues.

Additional research has also revealed berberine may inhibit good gut flora. Do you take a probiotic?

I just purchased and am reading "Wheat Belly", By William Davis, already quite eye opening to say the least. Although I'm low carb I suspect wheat still creeps into my diet although I don't eat breads as it is everywhere. And my other half now makes jambalaya with hulless barley instead of rice at my request, because of it's lower GI/GL, but barely has gluten, so might still be causing me some probs. Fortunately this is only once every two months or so. And of course I do drink some beer which has barley malt... But suspect it lerks where I would least expect it and hopefully will learn after completing the book.

I will order several months supply and try my own n=1 experiment.

ps... order placed! Thanks Jimmy!
RE: Glocosolve or Berberine Supplement , 02-12-2013 01:46 PM

Advanced Low-Carber

yay! it has shipped, should have this week! :-)