Any Kimkins Followers
Any Kimkins Followers , 10-27-2010 01:34 PM

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I recently started getting Kimkins e-mails again. I"m tempted by the recipes that come in the newsletter. I got so caught up in eating paleo the "right" way that I became miserable because I missed dairy and diet soda and DaVinci Syrups.

Has anyone here followed Kimkins to goal weight? Has anyone tried it and felt it wasn't a good plan. I"m not talking about the "400 calorie hair falling out plan". I'm talking about the more reasonable almost like Induction Plan.

All opinions are welcome.
RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 10-27-2010 02:44 PM

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Not me....It takes every ounce of energy I have not to go back on the "hair falling out" plan. The weight just fell off of me then. BUT, I KNOW that it was not what was good for me. It just gets hard when the weight does not fall off like before.




RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 10-28-2010 02:03 PM

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I was a KK follower... I did not follow the plan to the letter, but did lose weight then... BUT when the bottom fell out of their website, I lost my taste for it and have stalled for a long time. I have recently started getting emails from them again also, but do not feel that I can honorably join back up there... Just does not feel right, so I will continue to struggle with my own choices.

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RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 10-29-2010 01:58 PM

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I hear what you're saying, wiyaga. But the plan worked for me, although, I have more fat in my diet than suggested by "Kimmer". Some of the recipes are good. I had paid my money before we knew that Kimmers was a scam so I may as well use what I paid for. I've just been struggling for so long. Going without diet soda and dairy didn't make me any thinner so I may as well go back to what worked. Low calorie, very low carb, diet soda, DaVinci Syrup all contributed to my initial success so that's what I'm going with.
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I've never done KimKins, but there are any number of alums that are currently here and/or post elsewhere who have lost considerable weight. Whatever the fraudulency of Kimmer, clearly (some of) the diet plan(s) worked well. For those following the "hair falling out" version, I would have to ask you: Do YOU think that diet was healthy? If it were Dr. Atkins or Oz or Jimmy or some Jillian Michaels LC look-alike telling you so, would that change your mind?

From what I can figure, KK's plans were some combo of low fat, low carb, low calorie to varying degrees. KK seems to have addressed one thing that is often ignored (and perhaps not necessary) in most LC circles: portion and/or calorie control. And the result? Well ... Kimmer didn't walk her own talk, but folks who did lost a lot of weight. There's no reason to think those who regained did so for any majorly different reasons than why those who lose weight on other plans do.

So I guess my point is that, unfortunately for those KK helped, the whole Kimmer fraud part unfairly tainted whatever merit the dietary plans themselves had. There's nothing inherently dangerous about a relatively low fat and low carb diet. If you don't go too low in fat (especially making sure to get the essential kinds and eat foods like eggs) but go lower that means you'll burn MORE of your stored fat. Remember, fat tissue IS like a frequently used bank account: we deposit and withdraw daily, it's the balance at the end of the day, week, month, year that matters.
RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 10-29-2010 06:48 PM

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Interesting, I just saw it posted on FB that the Kimmer was found guilty.

I did the Kimkins diet too, but never did it to the extent that my hair fell out. I never did the egg white boot camp thing cause I hate plain eggwhites and knew that egg yolks are good for me. I did lose weight, I did gain it back.

Kimkins KE is really just a renamed Stillman's diet that has been around for a long time. But she did a good job of repackaging it and making money on it. Although the Stillman diet never advocated 300-400 calories a day.

I agree that there are some good ideas in there were tainted by the whole fiasco that she created.


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I was on the Kimkins plan also. Shortly after I joined, I read all the drama and all her negativity turned me off to the Kimkins site .... and that was when I found LLVLC --- a much better place to be.

I still receive all the recipes, etc ... and have considered trying some as long as they stay within my 20 carbs or less per day woe. I too need my SF Davinci syrups, dairy, and diet sodas.

Happy LCing!

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RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 11-06-2010 05:57 PM

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The Dukan Diet from France is low carb and low fat but not to the extremes of Kimkins. I did Kimkins, lost hair, lost weight, regained weight and have now taken off 40 lbs with Dukan. It does not come off as fast as Kimkins but it does come off. The best thing I like about Dukan is that you need to eat oat bran daily. I make mine into a microwave bread that is yummy. I love being able to have sandwiches for lunch. The bran puffs up in your tummy and you are full for hours.

RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 11-07-2010 11:23 AM

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What's this plan, I haven't heard of it. Thanks -

RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 01-03-2011 07:46 PM

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I don't know how you would want to follow a diet plan.. that was labeled a fraud..I know people who have done her diet.. and their metabolism is completely blown, a long with other horrible problems...

I know I struggle with my low carb...however with any diet out there, it takes planning and work...I wouldn't go on her diet.. no way...


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RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 01-21-2011 09:18 PM

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I lost the weight and the hair on kimkins... I walked into it with my eyes open, last year I went on the HCG lost weight and lots more hair now on the Dukan Diet, The book won't bepublished in America until 5/5 so we have to do the British version now...Its kind of fun translating the weights measures, and ingrediants..Anybody ever hear of Quark?
RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 02-23-2011 11:42 AM

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I nearly bought Dukan's book, but he REALLY needs to hire himself a better translator (he's French). I read the intro and part of the first chapter on Amazon, and couldn't fathom out what on Earth he was on about... Honestly, it read like he'd run the whole thing through BabelFish!

Pegala, whilst I respect anyone's choice, to me HCG is a scam (indeed, it's been exposed as such - I'll see if I can dig up the links to the studies someone emailed me). All this business about resetting your hypothalamus to reset your metabolism...?! Eh - what...?! The hypothalamus has bugger all to do with controlling your metabolic rate, its primary function is the regulation of body temperature.

The reason people lose on the HCG diet is because it's practically a starvation diet (no, screw that, it IS a starvation diet) - you're not allowed to consume more than 520kcals/day. I subbed to their FB page and just rolled my eyes and shook my head in despair - if this ruddy stuff was so good, why the bleedin' heck would people need to cheat...?! The solution to cheating (from what I gleaned)...? An apple day! Yep, a day eating nothing but apples! Your average apple is about 150g, so that's 18g fructose, and the recommendation was between 15 and 20, so that's between 270 and 360g pure sugar! Yah, like that's healthy!

But back to KimKins, I'd heard of it but, being in the UK, not checked it out. I've just looked at the site now and some of the losses they claim for members concern me (nearly 2 stone in a month...?! That's about 1lb/day! Now I've known people who've been SERIOUSLY overweight (my friend Gilly's one of them - and I despair of her - and her fiance - I REALLY do! She's arthritic (and she's only 45!) and, well, he's just fat due to a lifetime of Mucky D's and high GL carbs. She NEEDS to lose half of herself - so does he!)

Anyway, however obese you are, losing 1lb per day ISN'T SAFE!!! That not withstanding, you're gonna be losing more muscle than fat (same as with all these MRP diets and HCG). Besides how can that kind of weight loss be sustainable...? I think I was lucky when I did LighterLife (probably the stupidest thing I've ever done - and I've done some VERY stupid things in my time, trust me on this!) Yes, I lost 6 stone, but I was left with a body which looked like a saggy bag!

The only time, I believe, for such restrictive diets is under strict medical supervision when fast weight loss is required before surgery. I would like to see FAR tighter controls placed on the diet industry, both here, in the US and elsewhere. I watched a VERY sad (it had me in tears) documentary about 3 years ago about a little 7-year-old Irish lass who'd been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa - AT SEVEN!!! The reasons behind it were obvious; she had 2 teenage half-sisters (14 and 16) who were obese and a mother who was a gym freak and dancing/aerobics instructor. So, obviously, this poor little mite didn't want to end up looking like her sisters, so she started using her mum's treadmill for 2 hours a day (and she'd get up early before school). She used to walk the dog round and round the local park, until she almost collapsed from exhaustion. At 7, she weighed no more than the average toddler, she had no hair, had lost more baby teeth than any one else in her class (and these, of course, weren't being replaced by adult dentition due to severe calcium deficiency) and looked like a famine victim. The problem was, the more weight she lost, the fatter she thought she was becoming, because she developed the characteristic swollen, bloated abdomen of someone who is severely malnourished.

Her age, of course, was against her; no ED clinic was geared up to taking a child not yet out of infant school, so her family had to take her out of school, and move from Ireland to the UK (her half-sisters went to live with their dad). Thankfully the story had a happy ending and, by the end of the film, she was just below average for an 8-year-old girl.

Right, this has been longer than I'd intended (again!) so I'll end by answering Pegala's query: - Quark is a low-fat curd cheese, popular not only in the UK, but all over Europe (particularly in Germany, where it's used to make Kasekuchen, a type of double-baked cheesecake (the Dutch do something similar, and it's SERIOUSLY scrummy!) Russia (where it's so popular, that it's a required item in poverty parcels) and all over Eastern Europe.)

The nearest equivalent in the States would be pot cheese (it was introduced to the US by the Pilgrim Fathers, many of whom were Dutch, so think about Pennsylvania Dutch cheesecake (if you've ever had it). Cheesecake is probably the most widely-available dessert on Earth, there are so many countries which have their own variant.

One final, final, word (and this is it - promise!) Dukan isn't British - he's French (the French also use quark).

Hope that helps!

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RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 03-17-2011 06:48 PM

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Hi Everyone!

Well, I am a professional KimKins follower...or at least I was. I went on Kimkins in 2007, July 1st. I lost 46 lbs in 3 months, then maintained while on holiday(in October), and lost 20 lbs more between Nov 1st and December 24th 2007.
I did lose my appetite...and my hair. It was dreadful. I had lost all this weight for a man I hadn't seen in years ( a romantic reunion)...and I had very little hair. So attractive. I was quite slim, but hairless. Looked a bit like a concentration camp victim.
That said...I did not take the proper vitamins and supplements I should have been taking. I added Nutricap to my program after the diet and my hair came back after about a year.
The man and I never made it.
And the weight came back sad.
I have started again, simply because I can't stand having all those skinny clothes in my closet for summer...that don't fit...and, I just don't feel good in my body. You know how it is.....

I am doing Atkins, with less veg, more dairy, and adding vitamins.
A question...has anyone used the Atkins Advantage bars during induction? They say they are only 3 net carbs...but that seems too good to be true!

Down only 6 pounds so week in. Too many salads kill my carb out they go.

Thanks All!
RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 03-17-2011 11:06 PM

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Sascha don't eat the Atkins bars. In fact stay away from all FRANKENFOODS.

If you want the Atkins diet to work for you get the 1972 book and follow it as if your life depended on it.

It does work if you eat real food, animal fats, and stay away from all grains.
RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 03-17-2011 11:23 PM

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I am a Kimkins survivor. That's how I think of it. I joined right after it was featured in Woman's World Magazine, followed it to the letter, and lost quickly and easily. It was a very powerful pull when the weight was coming off, so I ignored what else was happening...such as losing alot of hair, messing up my metabolism, and ending up with some semi-serious medical issues (low blood counts, serious anemia, etc). Even with all of that, I didn't want to stop it because the weight was falling off and for the first time, i felt in total control of food...

I slowly woke up, realized I was half a step away from being an anorexic and doing some permanent type damage to myself - after some serious lectures from my doctor. I gained some of the KK weight loss back, but slowly worked my way into a healthier diet, and after a time...screwed up metabolism to blame....started losing again.

It took a longer time to undo the psychological damage and to stabilize the physical ones. The psychological...I was afraid to eat - truly an anorexic experience.

If it's true she's been found guilty, I am glad.


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RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 03-18-2011 03:33 AM

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I am very curious as to what the Kimkins diet entails... I never even heard of it.. until she was taken to court....then it was all over the news here in California....


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RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 03-18-2011 11:45 AM

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Hi Linda, Rene and Tapper47!
Thanks so much for your responses! It helps so much! Wow!
Sometimes you just feel like you are taking on this seemingly uphill battle alone...very hard and often depressing.

After coming off of Kimkins...I too was AFRAID of food. Anything but Chicken and eggs was a NO NO. I don't have anything against the founder myself though, since it was she who got me to lose weight in a big way, something that I no longer thought was possible in my life.
Problem is...having done that very hard diet...for months and months...and then gaining the weight has been very difficult for me to get back on track. I have one week behind me now...and it has taken me since this time last year to even do that much. Continual starts and crashes, is very hard on the self esteem.

I tried counting calories, but the cravings meant that half way through the day I was still starving...and out of food. This is the only diet I know that works.

I spoke to a girl at Atkins last night who assured me that the Advantage bars are OK for induction. Something to do with Glycerin and soy...anyway...I am having 2 a day max, and we'll see what happens. They are Sooooo good, it will definitely keep a cheat away if I feel one coming on.

Thanks so much for your help. Lets keep this up.
these conversations are a big picker-upper!

RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 03-18-2011 11:51 AM

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Hi Melinda!
So sorry I missed you in my last post!
Kimkins is a diet that is similar to Atkins, however, your calories and fat content are also kept very low. You are encouraged to eat around 700 cals a day, and minimal fat. NO red meat, bacon etc.
That's it in a nutshell. Very restrictive, but as with Atkins, weight loss is very speedy, but can be detremental to your health!
I lost alot of hair.
I also lost 70 lbs in less than 5 months all told.
Safer is better in the long run.
RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 03-18-2011 05:02 PM

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I am sorry you had to go thru all of that... I am sticking to Atkins..I too, am losing my hair.. doctor said because of stress.....I have had this problem since teenhood of staving and then's a vicious fricken cycle that I can't seem to break...I remember in my 20's... for 6 months I had nothing but tea and half a cup of soup a day.. I lost 80 pounds.. and my hair too!! It's never been the same and it's never grown backi...I hear you Sascha....I wish you well....I guess it's our battle....


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RE: Any Kimkins Followers , 03-19-2011 12:09 AM

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Sascha, yes...too much chicken and egg whites. I was eating only about 500-600 calories a day, but never felt hungry. It was such a control, power thing. For the first time in my life, i was in control of food instead of feeling like it had control over me. I hated giving that up. And part of me still toys with going back that route, even knowing the physical and psychological risks...because it felt sooo good to be losing and to not be so obsessed with eating for a change.

But it's NOT worth it, not even to be thin. And i remind myself that alot. You can lose with healthier means - not as fast, of course, but better! One day at a lb at a time.


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