Schwarzbein Principle
Schwarzbein Principle , 04-28-2008 08:43 PM


(NOTE: This description was posted on Jimmy's other forum and I simply copied it onto this one. I am not the person who wrote this. - LindaSue)

The Schwarzbein Principle was created by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, an endocrinologist. The plan has two phases, "Healing" and "Maintenance". You remain in the healing phase until optimum health has been regained and then move into the maintenance phase. The plan is not primarily a weight loss diet but a new healthy way of eating. Dr. Schwarzbein explains how our cells are being constantly renewed and need the 4 essential food groups to develop properly.

The four essential food groups are: Proteins, Healthy Fats, Non-starchy vegetables, and Carbohydrates (whole grain). The focus is on eating "real" food as opposed to man-made processed foods and eating in balance. There is no measuring or counting with this plan, you simply look at your plate and "balance" the amount of food groups. Balancing includes equal portions of protein, non-starchy veggies and carbohydrates with some healthy fat at every meal.

Damaged fats are not healthy so it is recommended that we eat fats that have not been heat expelled. It is important to know which oils are safe when heated. For example, canola oil is fine cold but becomes toxic when heated so it might be fine for salad dressing but not for cooking. No processed flour, white rice, sugar, or artificial sweeteners are allowed. Starchy vegetables are allowed occasionally but not on a regular basis.

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