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Quote:LindaSue Oct 18 2007, 2:49pm

Has anyone tried the extra virgin coconut oil that they sell at Wal-Mart near the vitamins? It's made by Rexall and costs about $10. I was tempted to buy it but was afraid that it might not taste as good as some of the other brands that are available. It's not refined like the Lou Ann brand that Wal-Mart sells near the Crisco.

Quote:Taoschick Oct 18 2007, 3:11pm

If it's extra virgin, it should be okay. $10.00 isn't a bad price so it might be worth picking up a jar just to try it out.

Quote:FormerDonutJunkie Oct 18 2007, 7:01pm

I've not tried the Rexall, actually didn't know they sold it. There is a rather large difference in the tastes of the coconut oils that I have tried. I have tried Nutiva, Garden of Life and Barleans. I really don't care for the taste of the Garden of Life, but lots of folks rave about it. I can tolerate the Nutiva, and again, lots of folks really like it. My favorite so far is the Barleans, available at my local health food store. As far as purchasing online, I wish Powder City carried coconut oil. I get most of my supplements from them. Check them out here.

I take mine straight with a spoon, so taste is very important to me. I've noticed that all of it is more palatable if it is in a semi-solid state...just before melting. It's a texture thing with me I imagine. Some folks add it to their coffee, which is probably a good idea.

Linda, I'd be interested to hear your comments one you try the Rexall.


Quote:FormerDonutJunkie Oct 23 2007, 3:08pm


Here's part of an old post I edited and am reposting here. Hopefully others will chime in with their ratings and reviews.

Coconut Oil Brands -- A Mini Review

I wanted to update everyone on my Coconut Oil experience. I've consumed several pints of this stuff now, and I can tell you that my skin is in the best shape it's been in years. The dryness is practically gone. Instead, it has a healthy shiny look and feel. What about internally you ask? I know if it has helped my skin this much, then it is definitely working at the cellular level as well. As with most supplements, it is best evaluated over the long term, but I can tell you that this is one supplement I plan on staying with.

I normally take a tablespoon as soon as I get up in the mornings, before I take my meds and vit-mins. It's a good energy boost for your morning and it keeps me from having any nausea with taking my vit-mins before breakfast. I normally take another tablespoon or two at some point during the day.

Which one tastes best?

I first tried the Nutiva. Nutiva Coconut Oil has a faint coconut aroma and taste, and somewhat of a creamy consistency even in its solid state below 76 degrees. Nutiva sells for around $13 at my local HFS.

Second, I tried Barlean's. Barlean's Coconut Oil has a slightly more pronounced coconut aroma than the Nutiva and the consistency in its solid state is much firmer. The taste of Barlean's has a very nice, pleasant coconut flavor. Barlean's sells for around $14 at my local HFS.

Third, I tried Garden of Life. Garden of Life Coconut Oil has a coconut aroma similar to the Nutiva and its consistency seems to be somewhat firmer than Nutiva. The Garden of Life has an ever so slight coconut flavor. Garden of Life sells for around $13 at my local HFS.

So, how do I rate them? Well, this is a very subjective thing and 'your mileage may vary.' Keep in mind that I take a tablespoon straight from the jar and put it straight down the old hatch. Some folks never eat coconut oil directly, so the aroma and flavor may not be an issue with those folks. As for me, I'm definitely in search of the best tasting coconut oil on the planet!

#1 -- Barlean's Organic Extra-Vrigin Unrefined Coconut Oil -- This is currently my favorite out of the three. It has a very appetizing, appealing coconut aroma as soon as you open the container. Since I eat this stuff by the spoons full, texture is also important to me and Barlean's has just the right firmness of texture. It's a dollar more, but well worth the minimal difference in my book. Barlean's is known for their high quality products. This is now my Gold Standard by which I'm comparing other coconut oils. I don't plan on buying this stuff in bulk, so I plan to continue buying it at my local health food store.

#2 -- Nutiva Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil -- Nutiva wound up in the number two spot. It has a very slight coconut aroma and taste, and a texture just slightly creamier than the Barlean's. If they're out of Barleans, I'd buy the Nutiva.

#3 -- Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil -- Garden of Life has a more subdued aroma, and the texture seems to be a little firmer than the Barlean's. Some folks rave about this coconut oil, and it is definitely a high quality product. But I just didn't care the taste and texture of it. By the way, Vitacost.com has Garden of Life Coconut Oil for $9.47/pint. An excellent value!

Bottom Line -- When buying from my local health food store, it will definitely be Barlean's Organic Extra-Vrigin Unrefined Coconut Oil for me.

Keep in mind that these are very subjective ratings and I may love a coconut oil that you can't stand. Taste and texture vary considerably and YMMV! All three products mentioned above are great quality products, so try them all and see which you like best.

Now, there are a couple of online coconut oil vendors that I may try at some point in the future. They both rave about the flavor of their coconut oil. They are: Wilderness Family Naturals and Tropical Traditions.


Quote:valerieslivingbooks Oct 23 2007, 5:12pm

I don't care for Tree of Life coconut oil; it tastes a little like stale coffee to me. Thumbs down on that one even if I mix it with other foods.

Bruce Fife (The Coconut Oil Miracle) says heat extracted coconut oil is also healthy; he says that it's not damaged by heat like other oils are.

Quote:sillymom Oct 23 2007, 5:40pm

I got a 54 oz jar of the Nutiva at at the Vitamin Shoppe for something like $23. I think that jar at Walmart is less than 1/2 of that. Check the oz. it may actually be more expensive per ounce than Nutiva.

Quote:suep57 Oct 23 2007, 11:13pm

I just bought the Rexall brand of EV coconut oil from Walmart today. It's pure white and delicious. I now understand how some people eat spoonfull right from the jar.

I had previously bought the Luann brand they had in the baking section and was very disappointed. I was yellowish and no flavor. I'm now using that for cooking.

Quote:LindaSue Oct 24 2007, 4:21pm

I bought some of the Rexall coconut oil at Wal-Mart today too. I agree that it's very tasty and has a wonderful coconut aroma. It's quite solid and pure white. I ate a couple of spoonfuls and I like how it melts in my mouth. I love the flavor of coconut so I could easily eat this by the spoonful. I took a photo of the container and will post it once I've had a chance to upload the file.

The price of the Rexall coconut oil is a little cheaper per ounce than the smallest container of Nutiva at Netrition but more expensive per ounce than the larger containers of Nutiva. However, if you factor in shipping, the Wal-Mart coconut oil is a pretty good deal.

I should add that this is my first time tasting coconut oil so I have no idea how the flavor compares to other brands.

Quote:LindaSue Oct 24 2007, 6:50pm

The Rexall comes in a 16 ounce tub. I don't think this one tastes "soapy" at all. It just tastes like coconut.

This afternoon I made a batch of the Coconut Fudge that everyone in the recipe forum has been making. It came out pretty good but it needs some tweaking to get the sweetener right. Here's a photo:

Quote:flickercell Oct 29 2007, 12:09pm

The first Coconut oil I bought was the NOW brand. Yes, it definately has a soapy taste. So glad I wasn't the only one with this experience.

I'm afraid I may have gained weight this week. I may have over done the C.O. a bit.

By the way I found this site(new today) because I bought the Rexall brand at Wal-Mart. It tastes good. Since I paid $8.00 for the NOW 12oz "soapy" stuff I was happy to pay $10.00 for 16oz Rexall that tastes great.

Quote:FormerDonutJunkie Oct 29 2007, 7:19pm

Hi Coconut Fans,

I just bought a tub of the Rexall at Wally World a couple of days ago and I am totally impressed with it!

It's quality, flavor and aroma is as good or better than the Barlean's Coconut Oil I have been so crazy about.

And the best part...Rexall is $9.99 for 16 oz compared to $14.99 for 16 oz of the Barlean's. A $5.00 savings on each tub! I can buy 3 Rexall for the price of 2 Barlean's!

Thanks Linda Sue for this great tip! Like you, I've never seen this stuff before in the Wally World vitamin/supplement section, but I'm glad you spied it out and told us about it.


Quote:living_healthy Oct 29 2007, 9:17pm

I bought Barlean's Organic Extra-Vrigin Unrefined Coconut Oil at a health food store. It does not taste soapy to me. It smells and tastes good, but I can't eat it by the spoonful. Just the thought of eating a spoonful of oil (grease) turns my stomach. I eat it with my eggs and meats.

Quote:LindaSue Oct 30 2007, 7:49am

To me it doesn't have a greasy consistency when I eat it by the spoonful. It's more of a crystalline texture that kind of melts on my tongue. It's a unique sensation. Even though it's not at all sweet, the coconut flavor also seems to trick my tongue into thinking I'm eating dessert.

Quote:Jimmy Moore Oct 30 2007, 10:25am

Hey flickercell and welcome to my forum! I tried the NOW brand of unrefined coconut oil last week and just about gagged. As soon as it hit my throat, it was like (sorry for this description) I had just thrown up. EWWWW! That burning sensation in my throat was so strange I tortured myself for a second bite. UGH! It happened again.

Then I had my wife Christine try it and the same thing. So I called up NOW Foods to see what the deal was since I had never experienced this with the Nutiva brand. Wanna know what they told me? That's what coconut oil is supposed to taste like when it is real (insinuating that Nutiva wasn't REAL coconut oil). Yeah, whatever.

So it's all Nutiva all the time for me, baby!

Quote:Calicokitty Oct 30 2007, 2:21pm

I bought Jarrow Formulas Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil at Whole Foods. I like it slightly better than Nutiva (which is very good), mainly because I thought it had more coconut flavor, which I really, really like.

Quote:FormerDonutJunkie Oct 30 2007, 5:46pm

I'm lovin' the Rexall Coconut Oil that Linda Sue told us about. It's available at Walmart for $9.99 for 16 oz...a really good deal.

Since it's cooler weather here, my coconut oil is too hard to scrape out of the tub, so I stick in the microwave for 10 seconds and it is creamy enough to easily scrape out a creamy spoonful.

I tell you, a couple spoons full of this stuff 20 minutes before a meal really keeps you from overeating, kicks up your metabolism and is a satiety wonder!


Quote:stilldew Oct 31 2007, 5:10am

The first coconut oil I tried was the one from Tropical Traditions. The one I'm using now is the Nutriva. Both were good, but both gave a definite coconut taste to things like scrambled eggs, which is a little hard to get used to.

Quote:Vernswifevickie Oct 31 2007, 11:23am

Hi Nita!!! (and everyone else)

I LOVE coconut oil...Vern....not so much. I don't use it as much when I'm cooking for both of us because he doesn't like the taste at all. I love it in my coffee in the morning and I use it on my one minute muffins as well. I also love to mix a little bit with cocoa powder and splenda and just eat it off the spoon...but I have to be very careful to not over do it!

I buy "Spectrum" brand at Henry's Market (wild oats in some places) and it's 8.99 for a 16 or 20 oz jar...I can't remember the exact size. It tastes great. It's extra virgin, unrefined and has a great coconut taste. The Nutiva brand at the same store is 14.99 for the same size jar...

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Advanced Low-Carber

I'm a big fan of Tropical Traditions coconut oil, and use both the Virgin and the expeller-pressed (for when I don't want any coconut flavor)

Will be trying the fudge recipe today...

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RE: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil , 07-26-2008 12:46 PM

Advanced Low-Carber

Quote:living_healthy Oct 29 2007, 9:17pm

I bought Barlean's Organic Extra-Vrigin Unrefined Coconut Oil at a health food store. It does not taste soapy to me. It smells and tastes good, but I can't eat it by the spoonful. Just the thought of eating a spoonful of oil (grease) turns my stomach. I eat it with my eggs and meats.

Barlean's is still my #1 choice, but still not eating it off the spoon. The thought doesn't "turn my stomach" anymore. I just prefer it with food.

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