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Cafe Mocha Molten Lava Cake

Advanced Low-Carber

Hey Y'all!

Dragging my weary flu ridden body back to the computer, finally. After the cold snap in Texas I got sick, and so did my granddaughters... UGH. Anyway, long time, no see and no recipes from me! :-)

This one isn't mine... it was submitted to the locarb diner in a recipe contest, but since I was the one in charge of baking, cooking and choosing the winning recipe I thought I would post it here for you... it's that good.

Even my granddaughters (who hate everything) loved the one bite I let them each have. (maltitol)

This is from Judy Stevens of San Diego, California. Awesome!

Cafe Mocha Molten Lava Cake

1/4 cup almond flour
2 T Hershey's cocoa
1 T xylitol
1 T virgin coconut oil
1 pack truvia (stevia) or splenda
1 tsp. instant coffee
1 large egg
2 bars Hershey's sugar free special dark mini bars (chopped into chunks)


1/4 whipped heavy cream
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 packet splenda or truvia (stevia)

Mix all ingredients for cake in a small bowl. Then beat together whipping cream, vanilla and sweetener in a different small bowl until cream forms peaks. Set aside. Spray a wide coffee mug with non stick spray and spoon cake mixture into cup. Microwave for about one minute on high.

Invert immediately onto plate. Spoon whipped cream over the top and drizzle with sugar free chocolate syrup.

Serves two

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Advanced Low-Carber

I don't quite know how to add photos on this forum (or if it's even possible) but you can see a picture of this winning recipe on our Facebook page. Just search locarb diner. (today I posted about Jimmy's podcast with Gary Taubes because I think he's just spot on, can't wait to get his book) but if you scroll down you'll see the pic of the Cafe Mocha Molten Lava Cake. I gotta say, it's pretty awesome.


Breads, bagels, rolls!
Best prices/fast shipping