Reviews of Primal Fuel?
Reviews of Primal Fuel? , 11-30-2010 01:15 PM

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Has anyone tried Primal Fuel? I clicked on the ad from this site, but couldn't navigate their site very well. Many companies offer sample sizes, but I did not see that on their site. That's a whole lot of cash to plunk down without trying something. So...has anyone tried this? How was it?
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It contains maltodextrin and sucrose and is WAAAAY overpriced. Doesn't sound very Primal to me. If I want coconut milk and whey protein I can make myself a shake way cheaper in a matter of minutes, and forego the sugars. And if I'm really so busy that I need a $100/month supply of powder to replace a meal that badly, I'm re-evaluating my priorities. JMO.
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Yes, I've tried it and was blown away. It tastes absolutely delicious, and CLEAN, with NO disgusting "whey" flavour, which I find incredible. To me, it's the highest quality protein powder out there, and well worth the price.
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Here is a write up from free the animal!

You'd think Mark Sisson went out and came back peddling rice cakes with a heavy load of gluten flour mixed in for chewiness; and soy for protein - all topped off with a sugary glaze.

Don't believe me? Well, I'm sure some of you have seen his announcement, but you may not be aware of the deluge of negative comments.

Plenty of whinny, I'm-entitled, victim-mentality comments remain with only some of the most egregious ones having been removed. It strikes me that there may be a certain odd psychological thing going on, when I see this sort of thing. It's so easy to slam and tear down that which others have produced. It's like this sort of fake way to elevate one's self and fake self-esteem all at the same time.

Then there's the raw ungratefulness of it. These are people who've been benefitting from Mark's voluminous free information and primal recipes for a very long time. Now, of course, they have no more obligation to purchase this new product than to purchase anything else Mark sells such as supplements, books, seminars. I guess that in conjunction with no obligation associated with all of Mark's free stuff and giveaways, Mark was yet obligated even more to provide them with the perfect powder product at the perfect price. Anyway, it seems to me that if you partake of all the free stuff and opt not to pay anything through product purchases, the very least you could do is to keep quiet about what you think of the products you haven't even purchased.

...One commenter -- get this -- was "in tears" as she was writing to complain.

I don't get it. He went and designed a product to replace an eight year old product that contained soy and quite a helping of sugar. Look, I think we can all agree that whey powder isn't paleo, nor, even, coconut milk powder, if you get right down to it (processing). Nor are quite a lot of things caned or packaged to preserve them so we don't literally have to have every single thing fresh.

But as far as I can tell, if you decide to use whey at all (non-Paleo anyway), this is a pretty decent way to get it. Very few ingredients, the main ones being the whey itself and coconut milk powder. As such, it comes in at like 45% fat, 50% protein and 5% carb (nutrition facts).

The price is the price. It just is. Mark did tweak with the original deal a bit, that included his probiotics and now doesn't. Quite a different comment thread there.

From my perspective, I did have the advantage of being a taste tester for both flavors (and I have a can each of the release product). I do use whey powders, usually about three times per week, 1-2 hours after a workout. This is the best tasting product I've ever had because it's just a tiny touch sweet and has a rich mouth feel owing to the substantial saturated fat (I don't have to add a raw egg or cream -- but I can). Yea, you can add coconut milk yourself, and I have, often, but this is a lot more convenient for taking along somewhere and mixes up well with just water.

So just for the record, I haven't a problem in the world with someone who decides this product is not for them, for whatever reason. I do have a problem with the insane vitriol demonstrated in that comment thread, directed at someone who has done much for the primal / paleo advance toward greater exposure and public credibility.
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Primal Fuel review - Initial impressions

First impression: Holy cow that stuff's expensive! $80 for 3 lbs!

I was looking for something to take camping. I've usually used Carnation Instant Breakfast (CIB) mix and powdered skim milk from Wally World. Problem is, except for nuts, I'm lacking a good source of fat for my backpacking trips. CIB is fat free (nearly), and full of sugar. I'm trying to be healthier than I used to be. The powdered coconut milk used in Primal Fuel sounded like a good alternative. I've read protein powder is a good survival food due to it's long shelf life and light weight.

I shopped around. Traditional camping food tends to be very high in carbs. Protein powder tends to be very low in fat. I couldn't really find anything that was comparable to Primal Fuel, so I decided to give it a try.

Second impression - shipping: with the autoship plan, shipping and handling is free, and they also throw in a free plastic bottle with a metal spring ("blender bottle"). This stuff got shipped to me so fast I think it arrived a day before I ordered it! +1 to you guys!

Third impression: I opened the container, looked, smelled, and tasted a little teaspoon. It looked, smelled, and tasted like chocolate cake batter mix. In my mouth, it acquired a very thick, sticky consistency. Who doesn't love cake mix? I thought it tasted great.

Fourth impression: I put 8 ounces of cold water into the blender bottle, according to the directions. It also said two scoops of Primal Fuel powder. How big is a "scoop"? Service size 44 grams, so I got out my kitchen scale and a regular spoon. The powder is too thick to make uniform spoonfuls like I could with CIB mix. But after a few scoops, I hit something else inside. HA! I found a measuring scoop! It must have gotten buried in shipping. Continuing... About six heaping spoonfuls equals two official "scoops".

Shake Shake Shake Shake Shake, and shake some more. The blender bottle works well, and yielded a smooth, consistent drink.

Fifth impression: The final product is not as delicious as a chocolate cake. The consistency and flavor remind me of a melted and watered down frosty from Wendy's. I'd call it good for what it is. It's not bad at all, but certainly not as tasty as a glass of chocolate milk or hot chocolate. You won't be serving this to your kids as a tasty treat. But of course, that's not what it's intended for.

This is the first protein shake I've ever had, so I didn't really know what to expect. I'm not disappointed, except for the fact that I just drank $2.67 worth of watery blah. I don't ever have to worry about falling off a diet and chugging this stuff uncontrollably.

Primal Fuel: Is it primal? No, it's no kind of whole food. Archeologists and anthropologists haven't discovered any remains of Grok next to a stash of these containers. It's highly refined and processed, made in a lab. Is it healthy? I think so. Is it Fuel? At only 190 calories, it's a far stretch to label it as a "meal replacement". Snack replacement or supplement, sure, but not a meal. But to be fair, I'd say the same for CIB.

Final impression: would I recommend it to a friend / will I buy it again at $80? Yes, I think so. If you have the luxury of a refrigerator, I'd rather stir some regular protein powder into a glass of whole milk, or just drink the milk. Or better yet, eat a steak or eggs. But for a complete powdered alternative you can take anywhere, I think it fits the bill.
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Sisson knows what he is doing so if he formulated something, I would suspect it's way better than average.

Is it worth 3 times the price? That depends on how bad you really need the stuff in the first place.