Carbquik ...
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Sounds a lot like a LC version of the Red Lobster biscuits I adore!
They are good, and easy overindulge.
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What is this carbquick??? is it something you buy at the grocery store???



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Carquik is a LC baking mix that can be used in place of flour, etc.
I think it usually has to be purchased online, unfortunately.
It's probably a lot like the Atkins bake mix.
Here's a link:

Kathy in Texas
LCing is no longer a temporary fix, it's my way of life!

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You can buy it online at Amazon as well as many LC sites.

Yes Mel, we all know your opinion on garlic. If you ever came across any vampires, you will be completely unprotected.
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LOLOL ECO LOLOL!! Well I do love Shallots though!!!

Kathy..oh ok.. I honestly didn't know..probably something for me to stay far away from.. know what I mean?? I remember Bisquick used to have a low carb mix....


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Well you know if he is a cute vampire!!!!!


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Much like mixing sweeteners to get more sweetening power in baked goods, as Dr. Atkins pointed out in DANDR, I'm finding that mixing just a little bit of one of Jennifer Eloff's Splendid Bake Mixes into a recipe that uses Carbquick gets rid of the Carbquick back taste so many of us just don't like. I've done that in several recipes now and it just magically takes that bad taste away. I have made up a recipe of each of her 3 bake mixes and have tried a bit of each of them in recipes and found this magic just keeps delivering on this ability to disguise that flavor for me. Jennifer finds this to be the case as well.

This was the recipe I made that made me realize this taste could be masked:

my recipe blog:
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I guess if people want to eat that stuff, they should.

I wouldn't get near it. I think it's Frankenfood.

When the topic is Atkins vs Paleo, this is one of the reasons I go with Paleo.