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Ive looked all thru the forum.I didnt see a thread for who is on "induction" right now or even a modified version of one.Please move the thread to a proper place if this isnt right.I thought it would be good to share what is being eaten during the day, and for support.

HI. I'm late in finding this and have just completed my first week of induction. I had a nasty wake-up call this morning. After eating too much cheese last night, I had a splitting headache this morning. I know I tend to get headaches with too much dairy, but also tend to ignore it! Guess I can't. I"m wondering if there might be some good low-carb alternatives on induction. Meat-cheese-eggs-veggies have been my staples this last week.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there! I am still in induction and will be for a little while longer, I am glad to find this post...hope more of show up
Hilly...I found a wonderful site for ordering low carb food online, I just order abunch of stuff myself....for the near future but, alot of it is good for atkins phases 1-2-3-4
hope you come back here, maybe we can be new buddys through this
Typical day for me is as follows...

Two eggs
Two hot sausages
coffee with Davinci syrup-english toffee or chocolate <----to die for

Caesar salad with chicken and cubed cheese and other veggies, depends what i have on hand
if i am not that hungry, i will just whip up a can of tuna with mayo and eat some

Any kinda meat with Waldon Farms BBQ sauce-thick n spicy
small salad

I am not that hungry anymore so....its hard to eat all i should including half of this but..I feel the best i have ever felt.

In the evening i have another coffee with alittle heavy cream and Davinci flavored syrup

water...I try to remember to drink it, it coming along slowly but surely
Hi again....I am feeling so empowered today. It seems the more I read the more I know this is such a healthy way to eat for me. Last night we had a read-through for a play I'm in (in May) and all 5 of us women are now doing low-carb. So much fun to share the journey.

I am learning that I really can't do much cheese. I'd much rather have the heavy cream in my coffee. BTW - here is a weird but yummy induction-friendly food. They are Gerber's chicken sticks! Yep, in the baby food aisle. They have 110 calories,2g carbs and 9 grams of protein per jar. They taste so much better than Vienna Sausages, too.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your transformation.

I'm "in", guys! Gained about 20 lbs since the holidays and have to start again! Plus I want to lose about 50lbs total. (at least for now)

Lori :-)
So glad to have found you all. After reading the book by Volek and Phinney and their New Atkins for a New You, I am ready to start again. My problem is that I eat too much protein! I lost all my weight on Protein Power but Volek and Phinney have convinced me that reducing protein (while holding carbs down) is critical. OK, I am convinced.

But how do I get over my protein habits?

Unfortunately I have foods that are not on induction that will go bad before I get to maintenance. But even then, I need to keep the proteins down. Keeping the carbs down is not the problem, since I live alone I just need to shop for one.

Good to find you all and thanks for the menu ideas Moonie.
I'm so glad to have found this discussion group -- I'm just wrapping up Induction Day 7 and am determined not to fall into some of the LC habits that triggered binges in the past. This is my third time through LC (Atkins, Kimkins, and now Atkins again) in 11 years. I'd been successful in losing weight the first two efforts, but wasn't able to sustain -- first time I got bored, second time I got sick and then bored. So I'm determined to get plenty of variety in my diet this time around, and eat enough carbs from foundation veggies (and a variety of foundation veggies) so I don't get sick or bored.

I think I'm past the induction flu symptoms, which is great. And I'm looking forward to stepping on the scale on Monday morning -- thought that delaying this week's weigh-in might help to motivate me over the weekend.

Anyway, glad to have found you as I explored the groups around the board! Thanks to your menus Moosie, I already id'd a food I'd not thought of eating (sausage) that I'll add to my Sat shopping list.

I'm in too! I went from 232 to 165 in 6 months last year. Then just stayed right there - I'm 5'6" and want to get to about 155... Over the holidays I gained a bit, am up to 171. Today instated induction again for 2 weeks and ran 2 km in the bitter cold...
I live my life on induction - but I don't think of it as induction anymore.
I agree, I do also.I have a very low carb tolerance...
Hello everyone I'm a newbie to this forum. I'm on day 3 of induction and basically following the plan I did years go. I'm a scale addicted so I have to watch that . I will take my measurements more often. I'm 5'3 and 157.2 and my goal is 127 so 30.2 pounds to go. Atkins has always worked for me so why change what you know works This week TOM is due so I know I may not see much movement until TOM is gone and hopefully I'll see a whoosh

I'm sticking to the 20 carbs and I don't understand the net carbs etc. because when I did atkins years ago in the 80s there wasn't all these shakes etc.. I'm sticking mainly to meats, cheese and veggies and watching the cheese as well..
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