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Are dry roasted unsalted peanuts safe to eat? Will they cause a stall? They are allowed on my plan but I know they aren't really a nut.
They are generally higher in carbohydrates because they are actually a legume, not a nut. The best nuts to consume are almonds and macadamia nuts. Raw almonds are AMAZING and arguably the best nut you can eat. Hope this helps, Faith!
Peanuts in moderation are okay, but they can quickly get away from you.They have a higher carb count than macadamia nuts or almonds, but they are much better than cashews. Stay away from cashews at all costs.

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Peanuts are my emergency snack/meal when I'm on the road. I tend to buy them only in those single serving packs at the convenience store and that serves me well not to over-indulge. That's where they'll really get you. Alternately I get peanuts in the shell. Having to open them slows down eating them and, again, keep from overdoing it.

I picked up a bag of deep fried peanuts on my trip to South Carolina this month. Fried in peanut oil in the eat the whole thing shell and all. They were surprisingly tasty.
I eat them in moderation. I also usually have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch most days. (Natural peanut butter, sugar free strawberry jelly, and LC bread from Sami's Bakery)
I fondly remember the days of eating peanuts/peanutbutter! I would sit down with a bag of fresh roasted peanuts in the shells and keep eating until about 4 cups of peanut husks piled up on my lap....overflowing the edges of the bowl. I still have cravings, but avoid sampling them since I cannot control amounts....don't want to re-ignite the addiction. After I broke the peanut addiction, I moved on to macadamia nuts, justifying their lower carb count and great farry acid profile.....but oh the amount of calories one can consume snacking mindlessly on over a cup of mac-nuts!

In bodybuilding circles, when an athlete is dieting down for a competition, the number one craving is for peanutbutter. Those who cannot resist are labeled

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought calories did not really matter if you are eating properly on a Low Carb lifestyle.
Unfortunately it matters to some of us ladies. I can overeat on macademia nuts for sure.

But would the weight gain be from too many calories or from too many carbs???
Jimmy, can you weigh in on this one? Surely you've down a few peanuts and macadamia nuts in your day.
My preferred nut is actually the Brazil nuts...I think that it is even low in carbs than macadamias and it is very high in fat. They're huge.
I was originally thinking of peanuts because they are cheaper than most other nuts. But perhaps I should forget about nuts because the more I read the more I see that they cause people's weight loss to stall.
Hi Faith:
I find peanut butter to be affordable plus not likely to overeat... a few Tbsp of it with tea/coffee and I can easily put it away. PB was in my woe whenever I was 'losing', but overeating peanuts/any nuts are part of my stalls.
I have to stay from nuts as well because I adore the "tooth" factor of crunchy nuts. I keep a jar of the most legal peanut butter I can find in my desk drawer at work...a teaspoon or two will give me enough fat to satisfy dangerous eating.


Speaking as the canary in your coal mine ........after sweet things, peanuts are the worst carbs you can consume. I discovered my intolerance of peanut protein a year before I discovered my intolerance of wheat protein. It probably has something to do with aflatoxin, more abundant in peanuts than in most other crops.

Peanuts grow in the ground. In adverse growing conditions aspergillus fungus colonizes peanuts. The USDA and state ag departments used to test crops, and force farmers with high aflatoxin rates not to sell.

But two things happened:

1. Liberal American juries and judges said that protecting consumers from poison peanuts was unfair. They awarded cases to farmers with aflatoxin-laden peanuts. The cases shut down peanut testing altogether.

2. Many countries don't have aflatoxin testing procedures and never did. With modern shipping practices, infected peanuts travel to store shelves across the globe. They travel and sit in the holds of ships for weeks, growing more aspergillus.

Now poison peanuts go directly into peanut butter jars.

My intolerance of peanuts causes them to make me immediately sick. Other people's sensitivity to peanuts, in time, makes them fat, and gives them metabolic syndrome. Intolerance includes sensitivity. Sensitivity does not include intolerance.

Why do you say that, ecarnivore? I love cashews and I haven't found that they prevent me from losing weight. Of course, I probably eat no more than 20 cashews a day.

Why do you say that, ecarnivore? I love cashews and I haven't found that they prevent me from losing weight. Of course, I probably eat no more than 20 cashews a day.
Cashews have the highest carb count of any nut (at least that i know about). it has the highest sugar content and therefore taste the best. 8-9 net carbs per 1 oz serving. The worst part is once you start it is hard to stop.
I know I can overdo it with cashews. They do have a sweet taste now that I think about it. I won't even buy those right now. From my understanding cashews aren't really a nut either. I don't know exactly what they are.

They are considered to be the seed of a fruit (I think!)
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