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Friday is hubbys birthday, he wants to go out to eat and was thinking of going for Chinese food- I'm still trying to talk him into going for a steak! But it's his birthday, so.... Anyone have anything they can recommend that I can eat and not go off plan?
I still eat Chinese occasionally but when I do I stick with the obvious LC food. I eat steak wrapped in bacon, crab legs, boiled shrimp, sauteed green beans and hot and sour soup. I just avoid the rice, noodles and food with sauces. The key for me is not to overeat!
Duck is very good. I had that shredded duck w/ green beans when i was in NYC. It was awesome. And very fatty.
Try the egg foo yung. Ask them not to put peas or carrots in it - some places put those in. It is very lo carb friendly - no sauce. I think the pork is the most flavorful, but try what you like. Also, where I live, I can get chicken with broccoli steamed with the sauce on the side. The sauce is so flavorful that even if you're tempted to eat it, tiny amounts of it will add loads of flavor. It really doesn't need to be drowned in it to get the same effect!
If you go to a chinese buffet, you can pick & choose. My favorite has a make-your-own stir fry. Avoid the rice and breaded items. Watch the sauces. Many of them contain sugar or corn starch. I also like to eat the insides of egg rolls and leave the wrapping.

If you go to a sit-down place, order a basic stir fry dish that appeals to you and ask for no rice. Some places may even substitute an egg roll for rice. Egg drop soup and hot & sour soup are the best for low carb.
All great advice! I just ask for my stir fry with no sauce. I tell them the added fat is fine. And it always tastes yummy.

I'm sure you're correct that these are best for low carb, and my favorite soup in the entire universe is hot-n-sour soup. FitDay says that one cup of hot-n-sour soup has 5 grams of carbs, while a cup of egg drop soup has 1 gram of carbs.

However, those are theoretical as everyone makes their soups differently. A packet of Kikoman hot-n-sour soup mix at Wal Mart has 15 grams per cup. Yikes! So WHO KNOWS how many carbs are in the soup at the restaurant? I mean, that's a HUGE difference for me because 5 grams may not effect me at all in the course of a day, but 15 grams all in one sitting might very well push me right out of ketosis.
Quite often the egg drop soup will look very thick and gelatinous. That means that they've added a boatload of cornstarch to it. A teaspoon of cornstarch has 7 carbs.
Unless one eats at a Chinese place where they'll do the stir fry right there in front of you I just don't see how a person can safely eat Chinese on a Low Carb way of eating. Too much danger for hidden starch.
A serving of fried chicken wings w/brocolli fried with garlic .You would think that the chicken wings are loaded with carbs but all the places I found online rate them about 1 carb per wing.There not breaded but instead just coated in flour.Figure around 15gms carbs for this meal with around 5gms for just the wings.

EDIT<<<<make sure to tell them no cornstarch as above post point out!!
I think you'd be surprised at just how much flour it can take to lightly coat a piece of chicken. Even if each piece only had a tablespoon of flour on it, that's 6 carbs. A teaspoon would still be 2 carbs and a teaspoon probably wouldn't be enough to dust a chicken wing.

Please dont take away my wings LindaSue.

I would really love to know how much a chinese chicken wing really has in regards to carbs since I eat them alot.Im gonna have to try making them one day.
Thanks for all the suggestions!!

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