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I seem to remember reading a long time ago that it's necessary to count .5g carb for every 8 oz. of Crystal Light drink. Is this true? Are there any Crystal Light drinkers who can tell me if they add CL into their daily carb count?
I drank it in past but was drinking too much of it.If you can drink 8oz here and there than no problem IMO.
I would count a carb per serving. Most of them have about 5 calories per serving which translates to 1 carb since those calories aren't coming from protein or fat.
I'm addicted to the stuff! It's my worst habit.
It has such a sweet tangy taste I love it also.But I have finished the whole pkg in one night in past so I dont buy it anymore.
I just bought some for a change from the water. I too can consume a lot of it. I guess I better be careful!

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Bought some of the Ruby Red Grapefruit flavor for the hubby so at least he doesn't get the extra sugar with his drinks. Didn't have anything in the house the other day and had some myself. It is goooooood. I'll have to do the "pour some into a water bottle and out the door with you" trick with that stuff or I might just drink a whole tub's worth!

Happy LCing! ...

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Me either. I try to stick to the flavored seltzers. The bubbles make the water less nauseating to me and no artificial sweeteners. I try (don't always succeed) to keep the sweeteners to a minimum. Y'all may want to try the "on the go" packets and add them to 20 oz bottle -- slightly diluted and controls portion vs. mixing up an entire tub.
I used to drink a 2-4 quarts of CL a day! When I quit AS in November, (also went meat only at the same time) I lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks (after having been stalled on LC and Crystal Light for 2 months)!

Unfortunately, I am no longer "sweetener" free anymore, but now I have a glass or so of AS sweetened drink every day or so. I don't keep AS-sweetened drinks in the house, because I don't want to fall back into my old habits. I really believe that for me, the AS caused a insulin surge, just like carbs!

I think it's better to train yourself to enjoy unsweetened tea and coffee, than to make a habit of sweetened drinks. I never thought I learn to enjoy water, plain tea and black coffee, but now I do!

Just my opinion for what it's worth!

I can see now how it can be a bad habit. I love drinking it. Do you count the carbs into your daily total?

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I can see now how it can be a bad habit. I love drinking it. Do you count the carbs into your daily total?

A carb is a carb, so yes, by all means they count! Usually the carbs in this stuff come from maltodextrin or other sugar used to make the "powder".

If the carbs are <0.5 g (as I recall) they can put 0 carbs on the label. Usually this is not an issue but if there's just about 0.5g/8 oz serving (although I've seen 0.2g-0.6g/8oz), if you're drinking a full tub = 2 quarts that's 4 carbs -- and if you're pushing CL like some push water, it could go up from there.

For me, I'm thinking I don't have to "count" these carbs because it may be 1g every now and then. Even for most people, 4 carbs won't be a deal breaker ... I think it is more the "sugar rush" that some experience with artificial sweeteners that can sabotage the LC diet effect.
I found some hidden carb calculators online. According to the calculators (I tried 2) one 8 oz. serving should be counted as 1.25g. carbs. One of those Crystal Light To Go packets would be 2.5.

I'm disappointed because I have to keep my carb count VERY low. One packet wouldn't be bad but more than one would really mess me up. Crystal Light might just be a problem for me.
We buy the Wal-Mart brand of it...but its basically the same thing...only cheaper...
I don't count a carb with it...but I have only one, maybe 2 glasses at a time...when I have it....which is rarely.
My wife really likes some of the flavors that I don't like, so I am not usually anxious to drink it.

My addiction...there...I said Diet Coke, and Coke Zero.
I'm with you, abnormalslc, my addiction is Diet D.P.

I can see now how it can be a bad habit. I love drinking it. Do you count the carbs into your daily total?
No - I don't count the carbs but, I would suggest that anyone starting out, should count the carbs. That way you get an idea of what you are truly eating.
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