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What is your fave LC restaurant, OR your fave menu item, OR your fave strategy to use when dining out? I mean, beyond a steak and salad. ALSO, any tips on Thai (which I call "thigh food"), Mexican, Chinese, Greek (my faves)?


Hi, Debbie! I love your name and avatar! I think I can go to just about any restaurant and make my meal low carb. Subway - take my fav sandwich and order it as a salad. Pizza Hut - eat from the buffet and eat only the toppings. Seafood - get the meat grilled and ask for extra veggies instead of baked potato. If I eat chicken... take the breading off or order it grilled, blackened, etc. You can always find meat and veggies on a menu. Asian restaurants, same thing. Get beef and broccoli or any of their dishes without the noodles, rice, etc. It's not so hard.

My favorite is going to a Mexican restaurant and getting a HUGE taco salad or fajitas! (no tortillas) You can have everything... salsa, queso, meat, peppers, onions, jalapenos, pico de gallo... YUMMY! (that sounds soooo good right now!)

My favorite is going to a Mexican restaurant and getting a HUGE taco salad or fajitas! (no tortillas) You can have everything... salsa, queso, meat, peppers, onions, jalapenos, pico de gallo... YUMMY! (that sounds soooo good right now!) I agree with everything you said; I too can eat almost everywhere and love fajitas at a mexican restaurant. However, I'm afraid to order most Asian dishes like beef and broccoli because of the sugar and cornstarch in the sauce. The longer I eat a low-carb plan the more obvious the sugar is to my palate. Have you found an asian chain that makes dishes (non-breaded of course) without sugar or starch in the sauce? Unfortunately I avoid Asian restaurants even though that is my favorite ethnic cuisine. I do cook it at home though.

My favorite restaurants: Red Robin (any burger can be ordered wrapped in lettuce with a side salad); Outback (great steaks and steamed broccoli), Kabob restaurants (popular here in No. Virginia), Any wing place that serves them unbreaded. There may be more, I'll think about it some more! :-)
Wing Stop-lemon pepper, original & garlic parmesan..celery w/blue cheese

Mongolian BBQ places

Brazilian Grill

Carls Jr-Low Carb Burger -ketchup

Bunless Burgers anyplace...lettuce wrapped burgers from Red Robin

Chicken Ceasar salads minus croutons

Jimmy Johns-unwiches

Mexican fav local place does awesome omelets....taco salad no shell or beans

Steaks, Grilled Chicken or Fish...steamed broccoli or other veggies or salad.

Not sure about Thai food places tho
My "go to" choice is a cobb salad, most places.

We went to a barbeque restaurant (Lucille's) recently, thinking it would be full of great choices, but pretty much everything came with a sugary sauce. It wasn't as great a choice as I had anticipated.

We love Indian and Thai food. Not really sure what to order at those restaurants anymore, so I avoid. Sushi too.

I've been known to order pho or udon soup and just not eat the noodles. My husband thinks it is crazy, but I still love the flavors and could care less about the noodles.
"Thigh" food -- I love it! Actually, Thai is my favorite. Most of the soups and salads should be okay. Curry, as long as you skip the rice. There are often meat and vegetable dishes.

I also really love the Mongolian barbecue. It's great because you can choose all the ingredients yourself. I like to do meat, veggies and combine yellow curry sauce with lots of hot chili oil.
I like chinese buffets where you can pick & choose. Some sauces have sugar & corn starch. Mongolian BBQ is great. Just be carful of sugary sauces. I have gone to regular chinese restaurants and ordered a spicy stir fry with no rice. I also eat the insides of egg rolls and leave the shell. I haven't tried Thai since I've gone low carb, but you could probably do the same for any asian cusine.

Mexican -- fajitas, pechugas, or carnitas. Every place I've been to has honored my request for no rice or beans. They will substitute a salad or guacamole for the rice & beans. I just have to avoid the chips & salsa. Sometimes I bring some pork rinds to eat instead of the chips. One of these days I'll ask for lettuce leaves in place of tortillas to wrap my fajitas.

Italian -- Many places have grilled items and will substitute vegetables for pasta or potatoes. Olive Garden has been good about it. Carrabba's Italian Grille gives you a choice of sides, so you don't even have to ask for substitutions.

Many steak places give you a choice of sides or will substitue veg for potatoes. You can always get a burger or sandwich and ditch the bread. And, the great low carb standby -- Chicken Caesar Salad. Even places that aren't low carb friendly have this on their menu.
Chilis will give you lettuce wraps for your fajitas in my experience. Also when I've gone to mexican restaurants I've asked for a side of celery to dip into the salsa; that's pretty good actually! Also, I love an Outback steak with a salad and a side of broccoli.

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