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You'll be fine. If you have to adjust your schedule a little bit it will be ok--IF is not carved in stone.

Low Carb Cheater

Thought I would add my own experiences here. It has been almost a year since I did 3 months of strict IF. Although I do not awake each day to the routine that I won't eat until 3,4,5pm or whatever, certain aspects of IF have stuck with me to this day. Those being -- I don't ever *have* to eat. So while I don't formally fast these days, I probably qualify as an IF'er 4 days a week on average. This notion that anyone "has to" or "should" eat at any time of day (breakfast/morning in particular) is, frankly, nonsense IMO. I eat when I'm hungry, and don't eat when I'm not. It has taken some adjusting to with the hubby (and I'm sure this brings more difficulties for parents, etc.) but getting this understanding has been great.
Thanks, Denise and LCC. Glad to know IF has a lot of leeway and freedom related to iffy situations. Big Grin

Made it through the weekend nearly intact. Had just one, very large (carby) meal on Saturday night and moved the window down to 2p-7p yesterday. That was fine. This morning, though, was feeling extremely moody like when I used to go through nicotine and caffeine withdrawals. So glad I was able to limit myself to rubbing my temples and making stupid faces. Don't know if the moodiness was related, but it was difficult to wait out.
I just came across this idea, and found it eye-opening. My husband (who is naturally thin, never seems to gain an ounce) has this habit in his eating. I used to worry over him, and try to induce him to eat more. lol

I'm happy to know that his instinctive behaviour is not out of line with good health.
Managed to undereat last night. The chili was a little too spicy (not too hot, too spicy), so I was done early. Paying for it today (able to doze in car on lunch break thank goodness), but will make sure to eat plenty tonight.

edited to add: 8-25-10 update.
5 hour window not working out for me overall. Too easy to undereat and feel cranky. Too easy to overfill stomach and feel reflux. Noticed a greater need to clear throat as compared to eating all day.

Moving to an 8 hour window for some IF benefits with a reduction in above-named complaints.

edited to add: 8-31-10 update.
Starting the 8 hour window today and seeing how that will go. Was going to include a protein-sparing modified fast, but that'll wait for now.

Very glad the research and stories about IF have helped Happy2CU feel better about her DH's WoE.
Hello IF'ers ! I've just read all through all the posts not being here for some time now . I'm so happy that so many are finding this WOL .

I started back on 9/5 and am doing well this induction week and IF . Am feeling sooo good to be back here.

Hi's to everyone !! Will be back on Sun after my weigh- in to report my progress.

Big Grin's
Welcome back PatTee we've missed you around here!
When I first read IF...I thought intermitten failing. Hey that is me. LOL

I will have to read more to see whats going on!
(09-10-2010 11:47 PM)rozi Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome back PatTee we've missed you around here!

Hi Rozi , thanks so much - soo good be be back ! Big Grin's
Hellooo IF'ers - LOL , Ladybug !!

Well just to report my 1st week of induction , my weigh in was on Sun. and I lost 10#'s !! Sooo thrilled with that . I'm not hungry - in fact have to make a point of remembering to eat . My first meal starts between 12-2 according to my hunger - and then again but usually a light meal between 5-7 . So 2 meals per day sometimes one if my 1st meal is a large one end I have no hunger later on. Upon awakening my morning coffee has a mix of coconut oil and mct oil and a little bit of HWC.

Hope you're all doing well and staying on your plans . Big Grin's
Pat, it sounds like you're doing great! Congratulations on the 10 lbs., that is wonderful!
(09-16-2010 01:47 AM)Heyitsdenise Wrote: [ -> ]Pat, it sounds like you're doing great! Congratulations on the 10 lbs., that is wonderful!

Thanks so much Denise ! Big Grin's
Week 2 has been a 2lb. loss for me . Still eating 2x's a day . My times have changed up a bit as my retired DH eats a different times than I would like to - so we've come to a compromise time . otherwise I'm fixing food most of the day ! Cool

Big Grin's
I understand about the DH and fixing food all day long--my solution has been to cook what I want, when I want to eat, and make enough leftovers that he can have them whenever he wants. I eat about the same times every day: coffee and a light breakfast (usually greek yogurt and a couple of strips of bacon) when I get up, then dinner about 8:00 in the evening. He has cereal for breakfast, so of course he's hungry a few hours later, then has lunch, then wants to eat dinner at 5:00 and have a snack before bed. I just don't do well eating all that much or often, so he's usually on his own. I make sure there are plenty of sandwich fixings and leftover grilled chicken and things like that in the fridge so he can fix himself whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. It seems to be working.
Hi Everyone! I have been a constant lurker, reader, partial poster, whatever for a very long time. I glean everything I can from your posts and I have an observation about IF to share, which may come as no surprise to many of you. After doing JUDD for 3 weeks, I now see that IF is very similar. If I have one meal a day, say at 2:00, and then eat the next day, that is pretty close to JUDD. The difference is on the one meal a day my calories are quite low and on the eat day I eat moderately, 500 one day and 1200-1400 cals the next day. The idea is that over a week you are averaging your calories. I need about 1000 a day to lose, so I structure it that way. So far it is working, but how surprising that it truly fits into IF. I think I will keep posting on this thread with my progress to test how I do. Now I'm not losing by leaps and bounds, but at my age a pound a week is like Xmas.
Hey, I'm ecstatic at any loss--a pound a month is still a loss, a pound a week is golden. Welcome to the IF thread. What in JUDD?
Denise: JUDD refers to the Johnson Up Day Down Day way of eating. For instance, MWF could be a DD eating 500 cals, TThF would be UP's and your eat a regular calorie day, which leaves an extra day that balances the week as a medium day or MD. Many eating this way either do it with one or two meals, and it of course can be LC. Over a seven day period you average your calories. I need about 1000 cals a day and so I structure the week accordingly. There are many people, especially if you are older who need fewer calories even if they are LC and I am one of them. On the DD I eat more carbs than if it is a regular day. Don't know if I am explaining this too well but it is sort of a variation of IF. You can Google the Johnson website and view the whole deal.
SuzeQ, thanks for the explanation. It makes sense to me.
I think it makes sense too! Unfortunately I find it very difficult to stay within the calorie limit necessary for me to lose at my age no matter how low carb I go. I gained on a meat only diet. I have been doing two meals a day at about 11 am and 430 to 5 pm. It helps me maintain is all, and is definitely not difficult. Now off to the Johnson website to check it out. Thanks!
SuzeQ thanks for the JUDD post - I hadn't heard of it either , but will check it out . Calorie limit is a part of my regime also.

Well this week was a 1 lb loss. Just grateful for a loss - any loss !! LOL!! I do feel as though my clothes are somewhat looser too Smile .

Still cheat free from my restart 9/5 , watching portion size and fat intake . Too much fat leads to acid reflux for me.
The post about unflavored gelatin was of interest see it here.

Keeping on track , hope you all are too !

Big Grin's
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