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I'm going on a four day hike next month and am looking for backpacking recipes (food than can be dehydrated) that is also low carb. Anyone have good recipes?

I'm drying a big batch of scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese for breakfasts (I actually love these and eat them at work all the time because I can keep the dried packet in my desk)

I'm making spaghetti sauce to eat with green beans and parmesan and a batch of chili as well.

Was going to make a batch of jerky as well. I usually take almonds and landjaeger for snacks.

Other ideas? Suggestions?
Bacon might work. Maybe buy a package with less fat on it, if the fat in the cooked bacon might get warm and melt a bit. Wrap it in a paper towel to keep the grease from spreading.
How do you dry scrambled eggs?

Maybe some of those cheese chips and pepperoni chips would work.
I scrambled the eggs with onions, bacon cheese, kale and broccoli (which I'd minced up very finely in a food processor). I let them get dryer than usual in the pan, seasoned them and then just spread them on the dehydrator trays. Took about 8 hours and they are a chunky end product that I store in a zip loc bag. Rehydrate in boiling water and a little milk powder and they're pretty decent. For some reason the milk powder gives them a better texture than using plain water.

I'm going to try pepperoni chips! And bacon, totally bacon.

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